5 Surprising Benefits of Wooden Frame Houses

Phoenix Energy, Lebanese renewable energy solutions supplier, offers Lebanon eco-friendly, cost-effective, and time-efficient housing solutions.
5 Surprising Benefits of Wooden Frame Houses
5 Surprising Benefits of Wooden Frame Houses

Phoenix Energy ventures into the construction industry by bringing wooden frame houses to the Lebanese market. Phoenix Energy designs and constructs eco-friendly wooden frame houses using strong American and European wood and materials. The renewable energy solutions supplier tailors architecture, wall composition, and inner/outer finishing to meet customer preferences.

Did you know that wooden frame houses provide a wide array of benefits in comparison to the concrete or steel alternatives? 5 major benefits of wooden frame houses make it a desirable housing solution:

  1. Sturdy as WoodMany factors confirm the structural integrity of wooden frame houses. Contrary to popular misconception, the light-weight wood boasts a very high tensile strength, i.e. a high maximum stress that it can withstand before breaking. Furthermore, wooden frame houses provide a good construction solution for lands that contain weak soil, due to wood’s light-weight property. Wood also offers durability and flexibility, withstanding slight shifts in foundation unlike brick homes which crack [1].
  2. Malleable Solution for InsulationWood is naturally sound-proof, reflects humidity, and keeps the heat in during the winter, reducing home heating costs. Wood conducts heat less than glass (23 times slower), marble (90 times slower), steal (1650 times slower) and aluminum (7000 times slower), thus reduces energy leakage and maintains both heat and coolness in the house. [2] Due to the insulation properties and the unique construction of wooden frame walls, wooden frame houses save energy and families reduce heating and cooling costs.In addition, wooden frame houses offer noise insulation (up to 45 dB airborne sound and 62 dB impact sound), as well as absorb sound waves to reduce echo and offer superior sound containment between rooms.
  3. Wall CompositionPhoenix Energy builds wooden frame houses with double-layer inner and outer walls using fire-resistant gypsum board and formaldehyde-free Oriented Strand  Boards (OSB). The renewable energy solutions supplier also uses naturally fire-resistant perlite insulation for walls, roof and flooring, as well as top-class German-made heat reflecting humidity barrier and highly-breathing water barrier. Furthermore, Phoenix Energy wooden frame houses feature a low wall U value of up to 0.13 W/(m².K), signifying high thermal performance and insulation in comparison to counterparts: log houses with a U value of up to 0,9 W/(m².K); stand stone alone houses with a U value of up to 6,4 W/(m².K); and cellular concrete houses with a U value of up to 4 W/(m².K).

  4. From the Environment to the EnvironmentWooden houses use recyclable, fully biodegradable and sustainable material. Wooden structures also reduced carbon footprint by absorbing and storing atmospheric CO2, as well as holding on to carbon absorbed as a tree during growth phase.As for concerns about deforestation, the demand for more wood can create a proportional demand for forest management. With woods originating from the west including United States and Europe, most countries implement legislation for sustainable forestry to ensure trees are planted in place of those cut down.Phoenix Energy also implements renewable energy home and water heating, and lighting solutions houses including solar water heaters, outdoor lights, biomass boilers, and PV systems.
  5. Cost Reduction & Fast ConstructionIn addition to the infinite opportunities for customization, wooden houses are delivered in parts, and assembled on site. Due to the smooth and flexible construction process, wooden frame houses take less than 3 months for completion. The short construction time also offers savings on labor costs.In this light, wood is a more efficient and sustainable alternative to concrete, steel, and aluminum, since it lasts longer, produces less carbon in both the production and processing phases, and is stronger when it comes to insulation and support. It is also ecologically sustainable on the long term, and its installation is cheap enough for regular maintenance.

About Phoenix Energy

Phoenix Energy located in Safra, Lebanon, supplies renewable energy products, such as solar water heatersbiomass boilerswind turbine systems, LED light solution, PV power systems, and wooden frame houses. It also provides resource assessment services and turnkey commercial products to recycle and transform waste into electricity, using waste-to-energy systems.

Phoenix Energy is a member of the Phoenix Group of Companies, member of the multinational INDEVCO Group.

Contact Info

Phoenix Energy
Safra, Lebanon
P.O Box 11-2354, Jounieh

Tel: +961-9-855 690
Fax: +961-9-855 696
Email: energy@phoenixlb.com
Web: http://energy.phoenixlb.com


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